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My aim is to bring to the mind the clarity of the heart.


hey there!

I'm Brigid Hopkins.

Author l Coach l Innovator


Newest offering! 

Mediations on 

Insight Timer

Often when out in nature or working with clients I will receive inspired mediations. The offerings are transmissions that come through me, for you.

Now you can easily access these meditations on Insight Timer. 

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When I was searching and struggling with difficulties in my life, I wanted a space just like this. A place where I am free to explore my soul's voice and path. A space where I am seen, heard, and not hurried to ripen.

The Clarity Path is a place for you to navigate, and explore the variety of textures of your soul's path.

There are many ways to come home to yourself. For me, Clarity is one way and there is no one way to find Clarity. It is an exploration. I am here to walk with you.

how are you?

Are you ready to make a shift?

Get in touch and I will help you develop the clarity, courage and confidence to get where you want to go.

Lets be

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