Earth Church

Meditation by the Sea

What is an Earth Church? 

Earth Church is a gift from spirit. It came to me as an inspired idea, and though it has taken time for me to offer this publicly, it is something I have been growing my own capacity for over the last few years.

This is an opportunity to be in a community with like-minded people who are looking for a place to pray and be without any doctrine. With the expedited pace of the day to day tasks, the service is a chance to be together in nature, giving ourselves time to slow down, sink in and be with silence.  While it is a simple offering, it may not be easy. I also wish to emphasize that there is no dogma, script, or expectations. The inspiration seemed almost *too* simple, and yet I have resisted doing it! Being silent in the company of others may require time to adjust that is more than ok. 

All are Welcome

Earth Church includes: 

a short greeting

time in nature

45 minutes of sitting in silence

There is no right or wrong way to be in union with spirit. There is your way and that is what Earth Church is all about supporting!  

Upcoming Dates 

April 18, 2021 @ 10:00 am

May 23, 2021  @ 10:00 am 

June 27, 2021  @ 10:00 am



Tuxedo Park

5199 W 4th St

Brooklyn Heights

OH, 44131

**Lower parking lot**

There it is a short non-rigorous walk to the location, on a paved trail. To enter the sit spot we will have to step over two small tree limbs that are currently in the way of the path. 

If you wish to bring an item as an offering to the land--some suggestions would be a flower/s, tobacco, cornmeal, herbs. For the ancestors' foods that are edible by the animals are also appreciated, please feel free to do what feels good to you. 

We will be in the woods, I suggest bringing what you need to be comfortable in a woodland environment with insects. This is a public park, occasionally there will be a passerby. The commitment to silence is appreciated. Also, a yoga mat or something to be seated on may add to your comfort.  Our total time together will start to finish one hour, longer if anyone would like to hang out afterward and chat, but it's not a requirement.