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Love Letters to the Earth is a beautiful three-volume poetry collection that seeks to illuminate our timeless connection to the planet and enrich our lives with an enduring message of health, meaning, and authenticity. As a passionate living prayer and dedication to Mother Earth, readers will be carried away on a profound journey to rediscover their sacred connection to nature, shake off the shackles of conformity, and develop a deep appreciation for the shared world we inhabit together.


This collection will resonate with dreamers, visionaries and free spirits, opening the door to an enlightening artform that all readers can enjoy. Brimming with flowing prose and vivid imagery that bring each page to life, these poems will touch the hearts and souls of readers as they encourage us to rekindle our bond with the natural world, with our communities, and with each other.


Love Letters to the Earth Vol 1

  • It means the world to me that you are choosing to purchase Love Letters to the Earth. If you would like any of the copies signed, please give clear instructions of which copy, and the name of the inscription. 

    Happy Reading! 

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