Books, Books, Books!

In progress are two books. The first is about my journey with healing my addiction to sugar, flour, and wheat. The other is about the irony of relationships. Each, if we are lucky, have at least one relationship we find challenging. Through my marriage of twenty years, I've come to learn a few things. 

My first project Feathers of a Phoenix was a great experience for birthing myself as an author. As I continue along the path, I am falling more deeply in love with this channel of expression. 

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Feathers of Phoenix a memoir about my rise through adversity. My mother Faith struggled with addiction through most of my formative years. When I became a mother I ran head first into all of my hidden pains and fears! 

The books isn't an ending but an opening to the power of healing relationships at any stage of life! 

Underwater Dive


Still in the depths of writing book #2
Stay tuned for updates.


Cleveland, OH

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