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Fresh Independence

I am feeling into the meaning of Independence in a whole new way.

I’m being invited to free myself from conditioning.

I’m being invited to free myself from behaviors that can be harmful to me and others.

I’m being invited to turn my energy towards what matters most and STOP idealizing things that aren’t healthy for me.

I’m being invited to turn my attention to letting go of the familiar, habitual behaviors.

I’m being invited to investigate what is actually safe and secure for me as an adult.

I’m being invited to hold the intention of being who I say I am, and not doing things that work against my own integrity.

If I am overwhelmed, I can say no.

If I am tired, I can rest and not push myself.

If I am sad, I don’t have to hide it from anyone.

If I am angry, I don’t have to blame another person.

If I am not honoring my boundaries, I can begin again.

If I am scared, I don’t have to pull people into the fear with me.

If I am working beyond my skill set, I can begin to learn new things.

If I am feeling self-doubt, I can still move forward and not believe the thoughts.

These are examples of ways that I can contribute to the collective pain and suffering, by how I engage with my own thoughts, and actions. I am the driver of my own bus in life and I don’t have to give other people control of the wheel, and then be upset about it.

It’s all an invitation to be more personally responsible, which isn’t a fixed state, rather something that deepens with each experience.

My little Brigid isn’t exactly happy about the idea of Independence. My big Brigid the adult, is also, a little hesitant. My spirit Brigid is singing like a wren, as she knows this IS the way to ascension. Every ounce of discomfort is because I am working against a program. It doesn’t mean it is good, bad, positive, negative. I am choosing something different, and with that choice comes a natural reaction.

I do not have to feed the reaction, only hold the intention to keep honoring my choice. This is Independence.

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