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Ancestors prayers

When all crickets fall silent The wind stills Dropping at my window The immutable prayers Of the Ancient ones Mine Yours Ours They breathed us into Now Prayed a tomorrow That we walk today How I wonder Is this evening so quiet Are there no more Praying for the future kin The hopes of our tomorrow's Sinking in the silt of Sorrows Ego Devilish pride Where have all the prayers gone I lay my head upon the sill My sensory sharpens Only in the hum of darkness Do I hear my unspoken prayers Begin to coagulate Rippling from my core To be sung into the silent choir Of nevermore Their prayers did not fail Nor run dry The silence left room for humanity To be humbled Return to grace In this time and space Letting our imagination Be the doula Of the future human race Any frustration is like a setting sun whose view is obstructed We are the visionaries Birthed from the Ancestors Who dreamed Prayed Progressed The costs great The history unbidden We can move forward when We let go of the remembrances Become dreamers of what is good In a kind way For the next generation Sitting upon a window sill When all the crickets fall silent

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