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Awakening to being Enough

I awoke feeling a sense of urgency. A plea from many spaces and places all at once. The pleas have been walking with me since the beginning of the Corona Virus. There are so many things to account for, tend to, and be vigilant about.

Everything in the way life was running came to a halt. We were paying attention, reading, watching, listening. In truth, what is one really listening for? Some sense of ease. Or assurance that everything is going to be ok. How are the leaders of nations going to promise anyone assurance that all is going to be ok? That is a huge ask for something that they’ve never been up against before. This is all new. New to society, our consciousness, our way of existence.

“What are you asking of me?” I said.

Return us.

Give us back.

I sat with that for a minute, as I still wasn't sure who or what I was hearing. I began walking around my home and when I went to my altar, many of the treasures were the ones asking for my attention.

I felt confused and slightly taken off guard, as this a new place for me to be in. One that I am still feeling a little unsure about sharing. Is it ok to tell the world that I talk to rocks, and plants? I guess at this stage of the game of life, I am putting all my pieces onto the playing board. On occasion I will feel a nudge from something in my home asking to be gifted elsewhere. Never has it been a something from my altar. They're not objects, they're sacred medicine.

At times like these don't we need our medicine more? They assured me that they have given me all that was needed, and now It's time for them to be given to the Earth. With a slight hesitation, I packed up what I call the eagle head rock, the alien head rock, a piece of redwood, a pine cone and a piece of quartz. Outside, I gathered pieces of cedar, pine and bark. I felt unease of going to the woods. Mostly because of the request to social distance. It creates an uneasy feeling within me, as I am new to these rules. Knowing that I could be mindful, we headed into the woods.

I took them to land I have been tending for the last two years. I stepped onto the threshold with the intention that the location where each object is to be placed, please make itself known. In my heart I knew that I was not the one to choose or assume. I was being led.