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Tending my home soil

When I first met this tree, she was looking rather unwell. The bark was peeling, few leaves were left on the branches. There was a tag on the main trunk - Clearance $5.00. I happily bought the cherry tree. That was seven years ago. The same amount of time I have been fumbling my way in the online super highway.

Like the tree, I needed a home. A place where I could grow, spread my canopy and bloom. I began this website without many plans of how I would grow. I thought I "should" have a website, and I "should" make regular blog posts. But the truth is, neither one has appealed to my senses enough to do it. As with many things in our ever-quickening world. I move at a different pace and in a different way. I don't hold this against myself. I see it as a unique way to live. One that perhaps will help another in some small way. It feels hostile and unkind to force myself to be something I am not quite yet. It would be similar to expecting the cherry to bloom all year because I want cherries as often as I want them. Nature doesn't work that way. I am nature.

I have felt the inclination for some time now to let go of my website. To give me the chance to create a new path for connection. Your support of my work and unconventional ways has been the greatest gift one can receive, and I thank you for being here. I am still going to be offering coaching and art, and inspiration. The best way to reach me, for now, is at my personal email -

Any events that I host or co-host will be announced on Facebook and Instagram.

I have also been sharing my homesteading journey on YouTube @

This website will become inactive as of April 30, 2023. I wish you all the best in where you are in your journey and hope that you stay brave in honoring what is true for you. <3

Always love, Brigid


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