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Pine Cone
About Brigid

Brigid Hopkins is an artist and soul cartographer. Her commitment to complete responsibility for her wholeness has led her to become an avid student of Wind Work®, Reiki, shamanism, shadow work, and peri/prenatal psychology among other modalities. Brigid is in a committed apprenticeship with Mother Earth, which led her to found Impermasculptures-a devotional practice of restoring health to hurting places through the creation of earth art in a variety of bioregions. 

Brigid’s life is dedicated to being a channel for light language transmissions for the health and wellbeing of our planet, through land reparation work and by supporting emerging leaders individually and in guided group experiences.

Brigid may be found on her knees in the forest or playing in the water near the shores of Lake Erie. She lives in Northeast Ohio, the unceded land of the Erie people, with her husband and their three children.


You have been with yourself your entire life and yet, there are still parts that feel out of balance.
You are already whole and complete! I am here to help you remember what that feels like. To practice being your true self without judgment.


Bring attention to the variety of ways we are interconnected with our inner and outer environments. The means of bringing forth the messages changes based on the vibration of the transmission. We are each here with purpose, abilities. I walk alongside you as you discover your magic!


Brigid - thank you. I have felt monumental shifts in just the short while we have been working together... I can taste freedom!" 


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